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Wind Damage


 What you need to know about wind damage

  • We want to be your first call so that we can work as your advocate to ensure you receive the proper settlement for your new roof.
  • You have a specific window of time with your insurance carrier to file a claim on storm damage.
  • Wind damage, especially on the roof is not always visible form the ground. Lifted shingles will often lay back down after the storm and appear undamaged from a distance.
  • Your roof shingles don’t have to be missing for wind damage to be present.
  • Wind damage can cause the seals of your shingles to break, eventually causing leaks.
  • Your manufacturer warranty is voided once a seal is broken due to wind damage.
  • Repairing the shingles will never fix the seal once it is broken. shingle repair is only a temporary solution.
  • If siding has sustained any lift from wind damage, it is likely to continue to lift with each incremental storm until it finally pulls away from the home and blows off.

We walk you through every step of the process

  • Perform an accurate measurement of your home via satellite and offer a complete and thorough on-site inspection.
  • Work with your insurance company
  • Provide superior customer service and timeliness on your job from start to finish.


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